Highly efficient client for Pixelflut
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feature ideas

performance considerations

  • server limitations: rendering is bottleneck. maybe artificial limitations (commands per draw, connections per IP, queue)
    • when network isn’t bottleneck: fetch each pixel & only send updates for wrong color (?)
    • sync sending with draw frequency (?)
    • use virtual subnets for more IPs (ipv6?) (?)
  • client limitations: PCI bus is bottleneck? depends on HW I guess
    • precompute everything
    • distribute across cores for max PCI bus saturation (?)
  • network limitations: packet size, ACKs, congestion
  • cognitive limitations: draw order
    • randomized pixel order should give a better idea of the image with equal dominance (?)

concept: CLI for distributed hochwasser v2

pixelflut endlich durchgespielt

hochwasser     --server
    provide    [type] [input] --effect --offset --scale --port --nosend
    subscribe  --connections --shuffle --diffmode
    view       --fullscreen
  • CLI via github.com/spf13/cobra

    • --server refers to pixelflut server or hochwasser jobprovider, depending on mode
  • jobprovider has different input types (image, text, shader?), each is parsed into an image.GIF

    • jobprovider also sends image itself?
  • when subscriber connects to jobprovider, GIF is split up, and (re)distributed to all subscribers

    • protocol: (address,offset,imgdata) serialized with gob?
  • viewer fetches into framebuffer, renders via opengl?