CLI to run health checks against sensor stations on
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Root command displaying help


Run healthchecks and send notifications for boxes on

osem_notify [flags]


  -a, --api string         openSenseMap API to query against (default "")
  -c, --config string      path to config file (default $HOME/.osem_notify.yml)
  -d, --debug              enable verbose logging
  -h, --help               help for osem_notify
  -l, --logformat string   log format, can be plain or json (default "plain")
      --no-cache           send all notifications, ignoring results from previous runs. also don't update the cache.
  -n, --notify string      If set, will send out notifications for the specified type of check result,
                           otherwise results are printed to stdout only.
                           Allowed values are "all", "error", "ok".
                           You might want to run 'osem_notify debug notifications' first to verify everything works.
                           Notifications for failing checks are sent only once, and then cached until the issue got
                           resolved, unless --no-cache is set.
                           To clear the cache, run 'osem_notify debug cache --clear'.


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