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  Norwin 8e1cf7ed38 fixes 7 months ago
  Norwin 17c80cecab allow filtering via box attributes in `check|watch all` 7 months ago
  Norwin 83fb1e7d76 replace version command with flag 7 months ago
  Norwin e3df49f8bf fix error handling in osem api client 7 months ago
  Norwin d4c499df38 v1.3.0 7 months ago
  Norwin e9ddf63dad add SlackNotifier 7 months ago
  Norwin 528c9122f2 fix notification retry logic 7 months ago
  Norwin b29081550b udpate docs 7 months ago
  Norwin 2c2508c471 add commands to check /all/ boxes, working towards #4 7 months ago
  Norwin 5abdd0debb improve box fetch performance 7 months ago
  Norwin 3547d3e0c1 log result summary of all checks 7 months ago
  Norwin 43aeb83069 improve notifier performance 7 months ago
  Norwin 331852b56c v1.2.0 7 months ago
  Norwin 287f26a37c refactor ComposeNotification() 7 months ago
  Norwin 3a48d3ae5a refactor notifier config validation 7 months ago
  Norwin a9659de229 add XmppNotifier 7 months ago
  Norwin fa871f6467 properly set time in email notifications 7 months ago
  Norwin 97db2d0b9e regression: only run checks for specified target 1 year ago
  Norwin 17c66b5100 improve notification layout 1 year ago
  Norwin d6738691b4 update docs 1 year ago
  Norwin 794ea5369d Merge branch 'develop' 1 year ago
  Norwin 50f4184139 try to do redirect for gh-pages 1 year ago
  Norwin 307e904dbb add command to clear cache fixes #2 1 year ago
  Norwin bc542eb506 add --no-cache flag #2 1 year ago
  Norwin d8e6d642fc fixup! allow custom config per boxID, fixes #5 1 year ago
  Norwin dc7a2019e7 allow to specify which check result types to notify for 1 year ago
  Norwin 8df4f6c753 allow custom config per boxID, fixes #5 1 year ago
  Norwin 1bc0252b84 use default checks when no .events are configured 1 year ago
  Norwin ca051cd1cc fixes 1 year ago
  Norwin 35648ed30f Set theme jekyll-theme-hacker 1 year ago
  noerw bc8f02e0a9 embed config help in build 1 year ago
  noerw 8eaf3954b7 refactor cache handling 1 year ago
  noerw 4a1ae551b2 improve error handling 1 year ago
  noerw 9c063a4659 update readme, update docs 1 year ago
  noerw 13d7aea17b add debug command 1 year ago
  noerw 992bc21b63 add version command 1 year ago
  noerw c80c760d41 refactor healtcheck interface 1 year ago
  noerw bf853e0ff4 restructuring core package 1 year ago
  noerw dfbbe9d58f improve command handling 1 year ago
  noerw d99e0da559 fix watchCmd interval 1 year ago
  noerw aaac89fa3f disable arm builds 1 year ago
  noerw b39d05a2fd fix travis build 1 year ago
  noerw 5991a6ba9a dont use relative imports 1 year ago
  noerw a122b3e3fe add readme, docs, travis 1 year ago
  noerw f1cc1bd8d6 fix type assertion problem from viper, add sensor name to messages 1 year ago
  noerw 4106d06493 properly set up loading config 1 year ago
  noerw 8d87786c05 implement cacheFilter, EmailNotifier 1 year ago
  noerw 778b2ae90f implement Box.runChecks() 1 year ago
  Norwin 295c26237b
make it a CLI app 1 year ago
  Norwin 915ea9063f
Initial commit 1 year ago