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  Norwin Roosen 9164c0c6e4 fix rain unit 3 days ago
  Norwin Roosen 46e59006bd add aggregate.html 2 weeks ago
  Norwin Roosen b12aeb139b hack: add monthly rain link 2 weeks ago
  Norwin Roosen 5ed4d33c74 don't uppercase titles 2 weeks ago
  Norwin Roosen e05bf8fe5a add sums prop for rain SensorWidget 2 weeks ago
  Norwin Roosen 19dc2e83e1 add wind & rain sensors 2 months ago
  Norwin Roosen 1b75da1c08
add .htaccess for TLS redirect 1 year ago
  Norwin Roosen 87403ddc8e
add manifest.json + meta, update icons 1 year ago
  Norwin Roosen 4a22d8986e
update devDependencies, so things work with current node versions 1 year ago
  Norwin Roosen c4aec1ce04
fix this thing 1 year ago
  Daniel da Silva fcbe8f53f8 Add footer 3 years ago
  Daniel da Silva 10de6a8e43 Fix path clipping 3 years ago
  Daniel da Silva 441b2894af Add missing module 3 years ago
  Daniel da Silva 3cf0e60008 Start the measurements :high_brightness::hotsprings::chart_with_upwards_trend: 3 years ago