R client for opensensemap.org
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opensensmapr changelog

This project does its best to adhere to semantic versioning.

2018-06-07: v0.4.1

  • fix osem_as_measurements() returning wrong classes
  • improve vignettes
  • be on CRAN eventually.. hopefully??

2018-05-25: v0.4.0

  • add caching feature for requests; see vignette osem-serialization
  • add vignette osem-serialization
  • add vignette osem-history
  • fix broken parameter check for osem_measurements(phenomenon = )
  • increased test coverage
  • package ready for CRAN

2018-01-13: v0.3.2

  • hide download progress in non interactive sessions (#11)
  • fix print.osem_measurements()
  • fix summary.sensebox() last_measurement_within
  • expose mar for plot functions (#12)
  • remove deprecated NSE functions from dplyr
  • package & documentation improvements

2017-11-29: v0.3.1

  • compatibility with latest API format (#4)
  • add package documentation under ?opensensmapr (#5)

2017-09-04: v0.3.0

  • add utility functions: filter, mutate, [, st_as_sf for classes sensebox and osem_measurements
  • add osem_as_sensebox and osem_as_measurement constructors

breaking changes

  • osem_as_sf has moved to st_as_sf.sensebox and st_as_sf.osem_measurements

2017-08-24: v0.2.1

  • add labels to osem_measurements plots
  • add last active counts to tools/monitor


  • fix regression from #2 for requests without from/to

2017-08-23: v0.2.0

  • add auto paging for osem_measurements(), allowing data retrieval for arbitrary time intervals (#2)
  • improve plots for osem_measurements & sensebox (#1)
  • add sensorId & unit colummn to get_measurements() output by default
  • show download progress info, hide readr output
  • shorten vignette osem-intro

breaking changes

  • return all string columns of get_measurements() as factors