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  Norwin f69cf62b27
fail gracefully when api is not available (#27) 1 year ago
  Norwin b69e5dc57f v0.5.1 1 year ago
  Norwin 4b01bbbee1 test box field parsing 1 year ago
  Norwin 9ddc077bfd cleanup date parsing 1 year ago
  Norwin c618907853 compatibility with API version v6 1 year ago
  Norwin 3e56cd1a0e Update Code of Conduct 💣 1 year ago
  Norwin 8936ff270c make R CMD check happy 🔪 1 year ago
  Norwin e853430c8e fix appveyor badge 1 year ago
  Norwin e37f572a94 v0.5.0 1 year ago
  Norwin 32d0cceb28 fix lint 1 year ago
  Norwin 92cbbcbfc7 fix tests 1 year ago
  Norwin ee491673fa fix issue with missing lastMeasurement 1 year ago
  Norwin ddc6289ce3 improve documentation, rebuild docs 1 year ago
  Norwin de3a05bf97 Merge branch 'measurements_archive' into development 1 year ago
  Norwin 8d515a5fb0 build performance improvements 1 year ago
  Norwin 18a698b375 add some tests for osem_measurements_archive 1 year ago
  Norwin 4d33fa9029 document osem_measurements_archive 1 year ago
  Norwin 80dc58a298 move methods for external generics into one place 1 year ago
  Norwin c89cd274a5 fix delayed method loading 1 year ago
  Norwin abcfbf5910 fix archive 404 handling 1 year ago
  Norwin 33a9c42e54 add osem_measurement_archive() 1 year ago
  Norwin c4da876761 v0.4.3 1 year ago
  Norwin 6a42357ec3 dynamically load S3 methods from foreign packages 1 year ago
  Norwin aa453d6afe add readr as hard dependency 1 year ago
  Norwin 1976e07cec v0.4.2 1 year ago
  Norwin bdc72e94e1 change references to sensebox org 1 year ago
  Norwin f30bc9c185 pass on ... in plot.sensebox() 1 year ago
  noerw 925909ebe8 finally workaround / fix #22 2 years ago
  noerw 93b4f6fe52 clarify README 2 years ago
  noerw f53eeb015c attempt to build vignettes on travis 2 years ago
  noerw 12ffb14b45 attempt to build vignettes on travis 2 years ago
  noerw 28e767586e attempt to build vignettes on travis 2 years ago
  noerw 4dac0a4c04 v0.4.1 2 years ago
  noerw f7cbb1bc26 update vignette to workaround #22 ...again 2 years ago
  noerw 994f08ab94 fix osem_as_measurements 2 years ago
  noerw 97768e7cdb clean up osem-serialization, #22 2 years ago
  noerw 54b0994671
v0.4.0 2 years ago
  Norwin 38008b1e6c
add/update vignette builds 2 years ago
  noerw 60ae1d5358
make R CMD check happy 2 years ago
  noerw 553772d209 update docs + vignette builds 2 years ago
  noerw e49ae4bb50 update osem-history, add vignette deps to DESCRIPTION 2 years ago
  noerw 1966c305bc add more examples, fix missing parameter check 2 years ago
  noerw dd6d8c8539 add caching feature 2 years ago
  noerw 4f95ae19a8 hello CRAN :^| 2 years ago
  noerw a7462ba1e1 add vignette osem-history 2 years ago
  noerw b79f3dff8b add vignette osem-serialization 2 years ago
  noerw 8975cbc664 fix print.sensebox, add more tests 2 years ago
  noerw 7ea3ddca01 speed up travis build by skipping vignettes 2 years ago
  noerw 8999284d62 last touch before CRAN submission 2 years ago
  noerw 22bf5e26a7 increase test coverage, fixes #8 2 years ago