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  noerw 925909ebe8 finally workaround / fix #22 11 months ago
  noerw 93b4f6fe52 clarify README 11 months ago
  noerw f53eeb015c attempt to build vignettes on travis 11 months ago
  noerw 12ffb14b45 attempt to build vignettes on travis 11 months ago
  noerw 28e767586e attempt to build vignettes on travis 11 months ago
  noerw 4dac0a4c04 v0.4.1 11 months ago
  noerw f7cbb1bc26 update vignette to workaround #22 ...again 11 months ago
  noerw 994f08ab94 fix osem_as_measurements 11 months ago
  noerw 97768e7cdb clean up osem-serialization, #22 11 months ago
  noerw 54b0994671
v0.4.0 1 year ago
  Norwin Roosen 38008b1e6c
add/update vignette builds 1 year ago
  noerw 60ae1d5358
make R CMD check happy 1 year ago
  noerw 553772d209 update docs + vignette builds 1 year ago
  noerw e49ae4bb50 update osem-history, add vignette deps to DESCRIPTION 1 year ago
  noerw 1966c305bc add more examples, fix missing parameter check 1 year ago
  noerw dd6d8c8539 add caching feature 1 year ago
  noerw 4f95ae19a8 hello CRAN :^| 1 year ago
  noerw a7462ba1e1 add vignette osem-history 1 year ago
  noerw b79f3dff8b add vignette osem-serialization 1 year ago
  noerw 8975cbc664 fix print.sensebox, add more tests 1 year ago
  noerw 7ea3ddca01 speed up travis build by skipping vignettes 1 year ago
  noerw 8999284d62 last touch before CRAN submission 1 year ago
  noerw 22bf5e26a7 increase test coverage, fixes #8 1 year ago
  noerw e19b040eb2 fix build warnings 1 year ago
  noerw 364f612216 add lintr config, make code lint compliant, fixes #20 1 year ago
  noerw 6a95171bd3 fix [.osem_measurements 1 year ago
  Norwin Roosen faa58d4bb8
fixup! make examples not spam test logs 1 year ago
  Norwin 12f37006bd
Merge pull request #17 from nuest/master 1 year ago
  Norwin Roosen 7e7b9bcb12
skip API dependant tests on CRAN 1 year ago
  Norwin Roosen 6d2f6f67e1
add some tests, fix failing tests 1 year ago
  Norwin Roosen 909e4de36d
lint 1 year ago
  Norwin Roosen e7203cea81
make examples not spam test logs 1 year ago
  nuest d82b538b7a increase test coverage 1 year ago
  nuest 5f6dc7c0b5 fix docs 1 year ago
  nuest 1d6db7ae21 add measurement tests and skip failing box test 1 year ago
  nuest bc71b9c0de minor improvements 1 year ago
  nuest 1f591b311e bump bugfix version (no user-side changes) 1 year ago
  nuest 8fdec0c13f use more powerful Authors@R in DESCRIPTION 1 year ago
  nuest 3f7ef00caa minor reformatting of README 1 year ago
  nuest b852f6aac3 add coc 1 year ago
  nuest 9a81816922 add first test for measurements 1 year ago
  nuest 8e1fb7ad10 add appveyor config 1 year ago
  nuest c18d74a210 add codecov configuration 1 year ago
  nuest 542f2205eb add tests for phenomena and box 1 year ago
  nuest 1712976770 fix travis tests 1 year ago
  nuest ef3fb7f4bb add function wrapper for default endpoint 1 year ago
  nuest d3d758d554 add tests and Travis CI configuration 1 year ago
  Norwin Roosen b9ff952489
v0.3.2 1 year ago
  Norwin Roosen 07ab9b3096
fix summary.sensebox() last_measurement_within 1 year ago
  Norwin Roosen a8a1effa48
make R CMD check --as-cran pass 1 year ago