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  noerw fc64c37748 fix GPS & SDS serial in readme 3 years ago
  noerw aa97b4cdae slim libraries 4 years ago
  noerw d8c730f363 remove faulty movementdependant GPS updates 4 years ago
  noerw f6abbf0510 add notes about lora operation 4 years ago
  noerw 466e9aa53d add README 4 years ago
  noerw a30a9ec8da add README & register-osem.sh to lora-gps 4 years ago
  noerw 27d80fa7c3 add sdcard-gps sketch 4 years ago
  noerw ada3c1ea8c add lora-gps sketch 4 years ago
  noerw 54b9f91628 read SDS011 & HDC1008 instead 4 years ago
  noerw 9739832f0c move libraries to ../libraries 4 years ago
  noerw 4b07ad5aed use ingress api domain 4 years ago
  noerw d847ba7f43 add BMP280 sensor 4 years ago
  noerw 01c66faf79 skip first gps fix if in upload mode 4 years ago
  noerw ceab2f70bd switch to unencrypted API 4 years ago
  noerw e9cbe78ff1 program ublox gps update rate 4 years ago
  noerw f7f7dda22c fix GPS precision bug 4 years ago
  noerw f17b5c4275 update README.md 5 years ago
  noerw 15b3c2f56c dont delete from storage if upload fails 5 years ago
  noerw 5a2189be15 add distance interval 5 years ago
  noerw e61cec10a1 add hardware switches for modes 5 years ago
  noerw ac8d10bb49 consider duplicate ssids in wifiscan 5 years ago
  noerw 1a840c0d4a reenable GPS + implement adaptiveDelay 5 years ago
  noerw 8ef77fcc97 implement API upload 5 years ago
  noerw e3581f3088 refactor code into classes 5 years ago
  noerw 26e8175d6b hacky fix for getISODate() 5 years ago
  noerw 50085550dd initial version 5 years ago