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  noerw a2d27260a9 add mididump.js for midi debug stuff 1 year ago
  noerw 166391ba0e upgrade deps, add yarn.lock 2 years ago
  noerw 0e022f76ad update readme 3 years ago
  noerw a29807fa69 v0.4.0 3 years ago
  noerw 0908b4aa7d fix issue when called without params 3 years ago
  noerw 006a8e2b27 add binary for global installation 3 years ago
  noerw 1d9a8f4528 fix issue with midi device selection 3 years ago
  noerw 9bef2b3394 add latency monitoring 4 years ago
  noerw 5c5aaaa6a9 catch errors when decoding recieved messages 4 years ago
  noerw b997ec7642 fix: only send msg when connection is open 4 years ago
  noerw 7f0d41bb89 display help, when no args are passed 4 years ago
  noerw c504ff4dd3 rename project to node-midisrv 4 years ago
  noerw b26e527d6a add client counting 4 years ago
  noerw 8b11e7b76a Merge branch 'rework_websocket' 4 years ago
  noerw 5a22ea366a update package.json 4 years ago
  noerw 3a9669392f update usage in readme 4 years ago
  noerw a039f2e0bb switch to ws package, implement client/server model 4 years ago
  noerw 5f889da3fd fix deps in README 4 years ago
  noerw a253f59a99 code refactoring 4 years ago
  noerw 62443d1928 update installation info, formatting 4 years ago
  noerw 8f40543fd0 add npm package.json 4 years ago
  PauloSeb fe4b89542b Update README.md 6 years ago
  PauloSeb 8c4c1fedf7 port selection 6 years ago
  PauloSeb 8a95ba6241 Update README.md 6 years ago
  PauloSeb 6efbe0dafb Update README.md 6 years ago
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