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  Norwin 5d5dc925b2 idea: p2p job distribution 2 weeks ago
  Jan Speckamp 616fb2cfe4
update IDEAS 2 weeks ago
  Jan Speckamp 91826ea600
update README 1 year ago
  Jan Speckamp 02507697d1
Merge pull request #1 from SpeckiJ/refactor 1 year ago
  Norwin 5b75c2a19e document ideas, add readme img 1 year ago
  Norwin 6e15e7518b restore performance from before refactor 1 year ago
  Norwin 850380bf6f add -shuffle flag 1 year ago
  Norwin c4b0185b8d add binary to gitignore 1 year ago
  Norwin cbc5261bbc refactor 1 year ago
  Norwin 33ba2d8eea add support for jpeg & gif 1 year ago
  Norwin f07d2de3a8 correctly quit when connection fails 1 year ago
  Norwin 80756ae8c2 fix benchmark readme 1 year ago
  Norwin 3c31981fbb remove unused writer.go 1 year ago
  Norwin 194d1e1aed add benchmark to readme 1 year ago
  speckij d4c574be10
updated gitignore 1 year ago
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