experimental distributed hashtable implementations with 2D topology
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from node import Node
from keyspace import Keyspace
import gevent
from gevent import socket
from sys import stdin, argv
def start_first_node():
node = Node(own_port=60000, keyspace=Keyspace())
print ("Started new DHT with %s" % node)
return node
def start_node(entry_port):
node = Node()
print ("Started %s." % node)
node.join_network(entry_port) # FIXME: should exit if we don't get a response
return node
entry_port = int(argv[1])
node = start_node(entry_port)
except IndexError:
node = start_first_node()
def await_query(node):
data = stdin.readline().rstrip("\n")
return data
def await_request(node):
return node.socket.recvfrom(1024) # Buffer size is 1024 bytes
query = gevent.spawn(await_query, node)
request = gevent.spawn(await_request, node)
while True:
if query.successful():
query = gevent.spawn(await_query, node)
if request.successful():
queryType, sender = request.value
node.query(queryType.decode('utf-8'), sender)
request = gevent.spawn(await_request, node)
gevent.sleep(0.05) # to reduce cpu usage
except KeyboardInterrupt:
# TODO: handle network leave