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ALKIS NAS converter

Tiny commandline tool for conversion of ALKIS NAS konvois to (Q)GIS compatible data formats.

  • shell script for unix, dependent on gzip and ogr2ogr
  • batch script for windows, dependent on QGIS 2.18, ships with 7zip

usage on unix

Given you have an ALKIS NAS Konvoi, a set of compressed GML files like the following:


Run ./convert_alkis_nas.sh <input-nas-dir>. This will generate ./alkis_2018-03-13.gpkg file containing your data. Parameters to customize output filename, format, and SRS are available:

./convert_alkis_nas.sh <input dir> <outfile> <ogr driver> <out srs>

usage on windows

Place your NAS Konvoi input data files (*.gz, see above) inside the directory of this batch script. Run the convert_alkis_nas.bat script. alkis.gpkg will contain your data. No parameters are available.


  • add parameters to windows version
  • windows: search for ogr2ogr in path, use QGIS/bin as fallback only