run legacy QGIS 2.18 inside docker

Updated 1 day ago

convert ALKIS NAS convois to GeoPackage

Updated 2 days ago

WIP scripts for automatic extraction of parkinglots from aerial imagery via mapbox’s robosat.

Updated 2 days ago

leaflet sidebar plugin with JS API maintained fork of

Updated 2 weeks ago

Dashboard for sensor data of a box of

Updated 1 month ago

Arduino library to read out a Weather Sensor Assembly p/n 80422 by Argent Data Systems

Updated 3 months ago dashboard for gnome shell

Updated 3 months ago

fork von mit QGIS2 processing erweiterung

Updated 6 months ago

Highly efficient client for Pixelflut

Updated 7 months ago

very early prototype of a spaceshooter in SFML

Updated 8 months ago

an ornithological study of functional birds

Updated 11 months ago

fork mit kleinen fixes fuer qgis2

Updated 11 months ago

CLI to run health checks against sensor stations on

Updated 1 year ago

R client for

Updated 1 year ago

Firmware for GPS-tracked PM10 sensors on

Updated 1 year ago

Scraper fuer Geodaten der Pendlerstatistik der Arbeitsagentur

Updated 1 year ago

send MIDI over the network

Updated 1 year ago