fork mit kleinen fixes fuer qgis2
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QuickOSM 2, QGIS 3

For the port/rewrite, see the master_q3 branch:


  • Current test status master : Build Status


QuickOSM allows you to work quickly with OSM data in QGIS thanks to Overpass API.

  • Write some queries for you by providing a key/value
  • Choose to run the query on an area or an extent
  • Configure the query : which layers, which columns …
  • Save your queries in categories and run them later
  • Open a local OSM (.osm or .pbf) with a specific osmconf in QGIS
  • Build some models with QGIS Processing

There are some useful tips, like automatic colours on lines (if the tag is present) or some actions (right-click in the attribute table) for each entities (edit in JOSM for instance).


Etienne Trimaille :

This internship was supervised by 3Liz :

Getting started

Watch the Video tutorial

Install the QuickOSM plugin

  • QGIS ‘Plugins’ menu -> ‘Manage and Install Plugins…’
  • Search for ‘QuickOSM’ and select it
  • ‘Install Plugin’

Try a quick query

  • ‘Vector’ menu -> ‘Quick OSM’ -> ‘Dock -> ‘Quick Query’

a new panel appears on the right

  • In the ‘key’ field enter ‘amenity’
  • In the ‘value’ field enter ‘toilets’
  • Set the name of the town/village to ‘London’
  • ‘Run Query’

The Overpass API takes a few seconds to respond, and after that you should get new point and polygon layers for the toilets of London! (nodes and ways in OpenStreetMap with the amenity=toilet tag on them)