169 Commits (feature/processing_qgs2)

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  Norwin Roosen 36fdff1da1 add comment 1 month ago
  Norwin Roosen 90ce4594e4 improve speed for many points 1 month ago
  Norwin Roosen 1380296d37 fix rate limit timeout issues 1 month ago
  Norwin Roosen fbf4328650 fix isochrones_join 4 months ago
  Norwin Roosen 50f2f4ee20 add isochrones_join algo 4 months ago
  Norwin Roosen e249bafad4 remove unised parts of makefile 4 months ago
  Norwin 7203e277d4 handle case of no requested isochrones 4 months ago
  Norwin Roosen 52fb371656
minor fixes 1 year ago
  noerw b1b205888a processing.isochrones: add geometry simplification 1 year ago
  noerw 5792d95d4c core.isochrones: fix support for floats 1 year ago
  noerw 156a1080bd processing.isochrones: cleanup 1 year ago
  noerw 240c426131 core.isochrones: shorten legend decimals 1 year ago
  noerw 612c3cf6be gui.isochrones: clean up imports 1 year ago
  noerw a59eec6927 processing.isochrones: complete implementation 1 year ago
  noerw 25a5103ede core.isochrones: allow time ranges that are not full minutes 1 year ago
  noerw 664fcd0aa0 core.client: make iface optional, add apiKey param 1 year ago
  noerw d44cb82063 move isochrones logic to core 1 year ago
  noerw 07079ec2c8 code structure: add gui and core submodules 1 year ago
  noerw d038807f92 add processing provider + isochrones geoalgorithm stub 1 year ago
  noerw d238bdc86e more robust error handling 1 year ago
  noerw 093659f666 mini cleanup 1 year ago
  noerw 46185edf01 add resources.py 1 year ago
  noerw 4f10c6bdba make sure makefile works again 1 year ago
  Nils 81f8fdb4d3
Update README.md 1 year ago
  Nils 366bd3738d
Update README.md 1 year ago
  nilsnolde 00280874ca PROGRESSBAR FIX 1 year ago
  Nils 86aa48b504
v2.1 1 year ago
  Nils a168882051
Update README.md 1 year ago
  nilsnolde f394d7d17f final changes to backport to QGIS v2.x 1 year ago
  nilsnolde ecbedc6666 fixed all Qgs imports, started fixing methods 1 year ago
  nilsnolde f32c15a3c9 resolving PyQt calls 1 year ago
  nilsnolde 06542de693 v2.1 1 year ago
  nilsnolde 9d6099b4de v2.1/3.1 1 year ago
  nilsnolde f1249902f4 aux.py to auxiliary.py, Win doesn't support aux filename 1 year ago
  nilsnolde f2b1693403 cleaned up GUI init a bit 1 year ago
  nilsnolde 850e44e700 improve on error message when point is not found 1 year ago
  nilsnolde d866564cfc no idea, likely minor change 1 year ago
  nilsnolde 2e6373a8d8 only pop progressBar widget after successful batch operation, not clearWidgets() 1 year ago
  nilsnolde 22ce3399a1 add matrix API 1 year ago
  nilsnolde 4ffc135a49 add post_json parameter back in for matrix API 1 year ago
  nilsnolde 3039930c68 Added matrix sections and refactored a bit to simplify things 1 year ago
  nilsnolde f506a4affc simplified a few things 1 year ago
  nilsnolde 59a0f35a77 ORStools imports --> OSMtools imports 1 year ago
  nilsnolde c09639f4a3 change URL to ors.org 1 year ago
  nilsnolde 2fbccf289a cosmetics 1 year ago
  Nils cd881f9529
Update README.md 1 year ago
  nilsnolde ead2419395 version changed to 3.0.5b 1 year ago
  nilsnolde 103ca21014 not sure.. 1 year ago
  nilsnolde 0471a8f080 modified description 1 year ago
  nilsnolde 9e212af196 switch to config yaml 1 year ago